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My mom emailed me yesterday morning -
 “Hopefully, school will be amazing today!”
I felt the same way. Hopefully, the day will be awesome! But yesterday, in fact, was the worst day I’ve had in a month, at least. The kids, for whatever reason, were totally off the wall. I could not get them to pay attention, no matter how hard I tried. I tried rewarding good kids, I tried disciplining people who were talking. They just didn’t care. I had a student, one of my best but one with a serious attitude, tell me “Don’t try and tell me to be quiet in your class today. I’m too excited.” Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what President-Elect Obama would want you to do. I’m sure he would want you causing problems, making noise, etc instead of working on the things that will help you succeed on your personal narrative papers. Which are…

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Oct 26 2008

For once, an update

Hi everybody. Or rather, hi nobody – I doubt anyone still reads this any more with how erratic my entries have been. Apologies to the few (very, very few) of you who were probably on pins and needles wondering how I’ve been doing. With the amount of energy I expend on teaching, planning, grading, etc,…

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Aug 24 2008

Real Teaching, Here I Come

Well, it’s been some time since I last updated. Apologies for that – especially to my mom, who keeps asking me what happened to Grammar Geek. Problem is, blogging ended up taking valuable time that could have been used for working, which means that it would have in essence been taking up sleep time. Which…

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Jul 16 2008

T-Plus Nine: Engagement

Yesterday was cool – the rumors ended up being true, and we had a Totally Free Afternoon. It was cool and much needed, but in the end 4 hours felt like about 20 minutes and lesson plans had to be done. So I got to work, then got to bed later than I anticipated. Such…

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Jul 15 2008

Ignition! Also, T-Plus Eight

Hey everybody – sorry I haven’t been updating a lot recently. My last week and a half have been totally insane in terms of work, planning, prepping, teaching, and eventually getting some food and sleep in as well. I’m currenty in my “differentiated time.” Teaching is broken up into two blocks at time, where two…

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This week was a big one, and I’m glad to have gotten over the hill. Unfortunately, like last night, I don’t have much to say other than that I’m really glad that I’m doing this. Getting up in the morning is just a little bit easier because I know what an impact I’m making (hopefully!).…

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I don’t really have the energy to say a lot tonight, mostly because I was up late (~12:30am) lesson planning, but not really really late like some. Tomorrow, being the Fourth, leaves us sadly unable to get on the buses at 6:30am. Awwww! At least we get the pleasure of still meeting for a half…

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Jul 02 2008

First Night Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is a large, but manageable task – I think mostly because I prepped a lot yesterday and had a long chat with my CMA. Other people are a bit more frantic. Outside, by the elevators and in every common space imaginable, one can find tons upon tons of CMs working on their lesson…

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Let me first thank everybody for all of their kind comments. They help keep me going. So today was up and down. Ups included a bunch of stuff – finishing those objectives last night was a big one, especially because my CMA, Cree, told me they were outstanding. I was really pleased by that and…

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Jul 01 2008

Side Notes – Awesome and Sad

In other news, I thought I had to write out rough lesson plans for 15 different objectives tonight, but instead it only had to be three. I thought we had to meet 5 objectives per day (making 1 skill per day). You see, really effective lesson planning involves planning backwards. First, you plan your big…

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